Coffee time with The Grumpy GodMother: Really Brock Lesner, WWE are you trying to loose paying customers? (It actually took me 4 days to finally get through this pathetic excuse of a pay per view) You are that desperate you would pick up that loud mouth Paul H. and Brock who NEVER DEFENDS the title..I am finally done…I can fine much better things to do. Sorry Seth, you had a great match, but not worth me sticking around for.


Quiet morning, sitting here with coffee (of course) not sure where to start. I have read a few others and everyone seems to be the Author of a book. Not me, I am a simple old woman.

I am not sure why I chose this time in my life to start this, perhaps time. Timing can be everything when you know there isnt that much time left. I have repeatedly been told if I had no luck I would be better off then the bad that seems to follow. However, in one way things are good I finally have an amazing husband, and some days I wonder how I finally was blessed with him because he makes life so much more torerable, fun, exciting.

We also have Tank, a beautiful chow chow. He is the most precious dog anyone could ask for. He is a story for another day. I will explain how I became the Godmother- hubby we met about 11 years ago, he is the Godfather in a huge gaming society. Even though we lived together and got married, I did not just become the Godmother by proxy, I had to earn that shit! We have hundreds and hundreds who have joined our “family” of RIPGHOSTWEAPONS, but that is the difference with us, we are a family not just a group in a gaming society. I try to get to know all. We have visited many in real life. We have tried to help were needed. There have been personal issues and we are there for each other. Anyways, thats where my Godmother title comes in. The grumpy well, I dont usually have alot to say, but I can be outspoken, if that makes sense.

So that is alittle back story on me, hope you enjoyed. More to come.